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For Teas, Remedies, Purification Herbal Smoke 

Common Vervain has been long been associated with divine and other supernatural forces. It has an equally long-standing use as a medicinal plant being used for its soporific effects in much the same way as the better known Valerian and it is often used as an herbal remedy for women’s health issues. 

Vervain is said to have been one of the ingredients of the famed Cauldron of Cerridwen, along with rowan berries, sea water, celandine and flixweed. This potion was said to create energy for bardic song and storytelling. Vervain is still thought to bring good fortune to poets and storytellers. Vervain is also added to wine and taken on Samhain to aid in connecting with ancestor spirits (Roth 2012).

You can find a full article on Vervain here


Latin Name: Verbena officinalis
Plant Family: Verbenaceae
Other Names: Common Vervain, Holy Herb, Herb Venus, Simpler’s Joy, Tears of Isis, Frog-Foot, Pigeon’s Grass & Juno’s Tears.

Vervain is listed as having the following Properties:

  • Astringent
  • Diaphoretic
  • Diuretic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Galactagogue
  • Febrifuge
  • It is noted as one of the ‘dream herbs’
  • And is used for its balancing and calming effect

Vervain may benefit: 

  • The nervous system
  • The female reproductive system
  • The skin and oral health
  • As an incense; the home, personal space & artefacts and sacred spaces

CheckoutVervain – The Herb of Enchantment‘ – an article on the properties & uses of Vervain.

Traditional Uses:

  • Leaves and flowers can be drunk as a tea or tisane,
  • An infusion of the leaves can be used as a hair rinse to add shine
  • Leaves can also be used as a poultice for wounds
  • stimulation of lactation
  • easing dysmenorrhea (painful periods) & balancing the hormone cycles
  • headaches
  • low mood, anxiety & nerve tonic
  • insomnia.
  • for vivid, and prophetic dreams with other dreaming herbs in a smoking blend

however, there are few clinical trials of vervain or its components .

Our Vervain:

  • Is Wildcrafted (grown naturally & without pollutants) and harvested sustainably in Bulgaria
  • Is not heat treated or irradiated and is free from GMO’s
  • Should be infused in boiling water before consumption 
  • A certificate of analysis is available for this product if required

Allergens: Nuts, gluten, celery, milk/dairy and mustard are handled on the site where this product is processed. Handling procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of allergens being present, but we cannot guarantee our ingredients are totally free of traces in the product supplied.

Cautions: There are no reported side effects of Vervain – although its use should be avoided in pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage and it is thought that due to its purgative effects, excess dosages may lead to vomiting.

Information provided in the Herbal Apothecary is from the ‘folk herbalist’ tradition and does not pretend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Celtic Earth Spirit advises you to consult a medical professional before trying any herbal product.


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